Our year in books

We published four new titles this year in both hardcover and tradepaper, plus a tradepaper edition of a previously published book. We got some great reviews and made a Best of 2014 list. Not bad for our first (almost full) year back from hiatus, I’d say.

Take a look:

Per Aspera 2014 releases

Per Aspera 2014 releases

Shown are

Thank you to everyone who helped with these books — authors, editors, artists, designers, reviewers — and especially to our readers! Happy New Year and our sincerest hopes for a prosperous and joyful 2015!

(We do have some great books coming so sign up to stay informed.)

Four Stars! – John Grant’s review of Dualism

Prolific author and long-time science fiction reviewer, John Grant (aka Paul Barnett) gives Dualism four stars. He used to review for Infinity Plus, but he’s posting his reviews to Goodreads now.

Whether as an effective white-knuckle thriller, as a dazzling sense-of-wonder conjuration of outrageous (yet completely plausible) scientific ideas, or as an urgent philosophical inquiry, Dualism is not a novel that I think I’ll forget in a hurry.

Read the full review!

Bill DeSmedt’s radio interviews

Bill DeSmedt, author of Dualism, has given several excellent radio interviews.

Radio host Leslie Marshall

Bill discusses artificial intelligence now and in the future, plus touches on the many interesting topics that are raised in this exciting new book, Dualism.

The Sci Phi Show host Jason Rennie

Jason loved Dualism!

Bill is going to be giving several more interviews and I will post them here.