About the book

When his six-year-old daughter disappears from a highly secure estate, billionaire defense contractor Davoud Ansari is forced to enlist expert help to find young Fatimah… and quickly because the clock is counting down to her next epileptic seizure. First he calls on his company’s very own —

A radical departure from previous attempts at AI, Nietzsche — as the AI calls itself — may be the first machine in the world to have attained consciousness, albeit at a terrible, never-to-be-spoken-of price. The AI has a far-reaching agenda that impinges directly on the kidnapping investigation he is conducting with —

Jonathan Knox has an uncanny skill at seeing past surface randomness and intuiting the solution hidden in the noise. This pattern-matching ability was born in the nightmare throes of a long-ago drug trip. Flashbacks still haunt his dreams, or did until recently when something good came into his life, grounding him: For Jon has blundered into a relationship with —

Having lost both parents to a jet hijacking, Marianna Bonaventure fights back as a counter-terrorism agent. She met Jon Knox on her first field mission, and in the process of saving the world together they started a passionate romance. Now she’s on the case with Jon again, but neither of them suspects the real danger is far more dire than a missing little girl.

Hamza Nassiri is the author of that danger. An agent for Iran’s feared Quds Force, he has been posing as Ansari’s head of security for years, just waiting for right moment to reduce the Great Deceiver to ruin. And now, all the elements are in place to strike a deathblow to the NSA, and kill a myriad of Americans in the bargain.

Bill DeSmedt has followed up his award-winning debut with another tour-de-force of cutting-edge science, complex characterization, and breakneck action. From a salt mine deep beneath the sands of New Mexico to the palatial estates of California’s Monterey Peninsula to the digitized cosmos of artificial intelligence, Dualism is a high-concept science thriller in the tradition of Michael Crichton and James Rollins.

Praise and reviews

“An exciting tale of another path to super intelligence.”

Vernor Vinge, three-time HUGO award-winning author
of A Fire Upon the Deep

“DeSmedt veers an action-packed thriller into perilous realms… The combination of adrenaline and intellect sizzles.”

David Brin, New York Times bestselling author
(on Singularity)

“An innovative concept for an end-of-the-world thriller, with convincing research and locomotive pacing.”

Kevin J. Anderson, New York Times bestselling author
(on Singularity)