Giving thanks (and $2.99 ebook sale)

We’d like to give thanks to all the people who have helped us. Too many to name everyone, but if you’ve bought a book, submitted a manuscript, liked us on Facebook, favorited a tweet, attended an author reading… or in any way supported our small press… we think you are awesome and would like to say: THANK YOU!

To celebrate our community we’re putting all currently published books on sale for $2.99. This includes iBooks, Kindle, Nook, and Kobo stores. Sale ends on Sunday, November 30th so don’t wait!

Sale books include:
Steel Sky | Singularity | Dualism | Being Small | A Ragged Magic

Per Aspera Catalog – 2014

Just a quick update to get the word out that I’ve finished putting the catalog together. Take a look at our whole lineup, and if you’re a book retailer you can order copies at up to a 45% discount. See the Bookseller pricing page.

Get the catalog!

Four Stars! – John Grant’s review of Dualism

Prolific author and long-time science fiction reviewer, John Grant (aka Paul Barnett) gives Dualism four stars. He used to review for Infinity Plus, but he’s posting his reviews to Goodreads now.

Whether as an effective white-knuckle thriller, as a dazzling sense-of-wonder conjuration of outrageous (yet completely plausible) scientific ideas, or as an urgent philosophical inquiry, Dualism is not a novel that I think I’ll forget in a hurry.

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