Our Name

Per Aspera Press takes its name from the Latin motto Ad Astra Per Aspera, which translates as ‘To the stars through difficulties.’

For much of the last century, publishing has operated under a model unique among retail businesses — one which is particularly unkind to the small and the independent. New and midlist authors (i.e. ‘everyone who’s not a nationwide bestseller’), independent and genre booksellers, small presses and self-publishers … all were at a more than usual disadvantage under the prevailing system.

‘Per Aspera’ — ‘through difficulties’ — speaks to our commitment as publishers and authors to succeed despite these obstacles. The star in our logo reminds us of our goals.

Our Principles

  • We are passionate about publishing quality fiction, including the many excellent manuscripts rejected by corporate publishers as insufficiently commercial. We are enthusiastic about reclaiming the tradition of nurturing new authors.
  • We are devoted to creating books of quality design — books that compare favorably in every detail to the best products of the largest publishers.
  • We are dedicated to offering fair and friendly contracts to authors and illustrators (because as writers, we’ve been on the other side of that fence).
  • We are committed to developing close and direct relationships with independent booksellers.