Chaz Brenchley reading

Tomorrow night (November 5th), Chaz Brenchley will be reading from Being Small and from his story collection Bitter Waters (Lethe Press).

  • Wednesday, November 5at 7:00pm
  • Sunnyvale Public Library
    (665 W Olive Ave, Sunnyvale, California 94086)

Details on the Facebook event page

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New York Times gives Being Small some love

It’s been a fantastic review week for Per Aspera books. Hot on the heels of the Publishers Weekly starred review for Our Lady of the Islands, we got word that none other than the New York Times Sunday Book Review was including our very own Being Small by Chaz Brenchley in a review of creepy fiction.

“Horror works best when it’s about things that are actually worth being afraid of. English writer Chaz Brenchley, who tells a bizarre coming-of-age story in his lovely short novel BEING SMALL, knows how to give some heft and gravity to the anxieties of everyday life…

Brenchley’s tone is quiet, contemplative — but it’s intensely dramatic, in the way adolescent problems tend to be, in teenagers’ inward eyes. ‘It might be war,’ Michael announces, ‘where only the strong survive.’ Brenchley makes this tooth-and-claw battle thrilling.”
– Terrence Rafferty, The New York Times, 10/24/14

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Review of Being Small

I’ve been meaning to post about this for a while now, but all the many things have kept me too busy. Getting the final typesetting and cover work done for A Ragged Magic (which is awesome and you will totally want it).

Anyhow, Marissa Lingen reviewed Being Small on her blog and her website. And among other things, she had this to say:

… The rest of [Michael’s] friends are kind and welcoming to him despite or because of that, but what role Small plays in Michael’s treatment of the dying is closely written and perfect for the 16-year-old they both are, living and dead. The spiraling ending is chilly and horrible and yet fits the warmer tones of the short book leading up to it perfectly.

Not my usual sort of thing, but if you’re not turned off by the description of what sort of internal/external ghost story this is, it may well be worth stepping outside your usual too.

Read the whole review at Marissa’s site Novel Gazing Redux