Bundled ebooks when you buy a print book

We’re really happy to announce that all of our titles are now available via BitLit. If you buy a print copy of any of our titles from any store, you can use the bitlit app on your iOS or Android device to get an ebook of that title.

This also works if you’ve already purchased one of the books. Some of the ebook titles are free and some are just 99 cents and you can open them easily using software from sodapdf.com. So get the app and start downloading your ebook copy of any of the following:

Our Lady of the Islands by Shannon Page & Jay Lake – $0.99
A Ragged Magic by Lindsey S. Johnson – $0.99
Being Small by Chaz Brenchley – Free
Dualism by Bill DeSmedt – $0.99
Singularity by Bill DeSmedt – $0.99
Steel Sky by Andrew C. Murphy – Free

So if you’ve been waffling between getting one of our print editions or the ebook… now you can do both!

Buy our books at your local bookstore, Barnes and Noble or Amazon.
Get the BitLit app.

2 replies to “Bundled ebooks when you buy a print book

  1. Can’t find Dualism by Bill Desmedt for sale anywhere. It is not available at Amazon, BN, Books-a-Million, etc.
    The ebook versions are not available on LitBit app either, or elsewhere.

    Can Per Aspera Press help?

    • When we went out of business at the end of 2015, we stopped selling all titles (both print and ebook). Many of our books have been picked up by other publishers, and Dualism is included in that. Look for it to be re-released from WordFire Press. Unfortunately I do not have a date for that.

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