About the book

“Beware, child. Behind thee stalks the terrible shadow of thy beast.”

So Father Wisdom had told her since she was very young. Under his harsh appraisal, Self-Abnegation in the Service of the Lord struggles to live up to her name, to quell the rebellious feelings stirring deep inside.

But when Wisdom's punishment kills one of her sisters, Abnegation flees the cult compound of New Harmony and hitches a ride across the country to Seattle. There she tries to forget her father's warnings and become simply Abby: a normal, modern teenager who lives with a typical family, wears ordinary clothes, goes to school with other kids, and maybe ... maybe even has a boyfriend.

She can't outrun herself, though, and Abby soon discovers that the beast inside her is all too real. She is dangerous, unpredictable, and powerful in a way she's never imagined. Can she control the wild, feral part of herself? Or is she forever destined to be blinded by her animal instincts, the monster Father Wisdom always she she would be?

Praise and reviews

“McGalliard’s story … [is] really about anyone who has ever felt like an outsider, anyone who has found their ‘family’ out in the world.”

Maureen F. McHugh, Hugo and Tiptree award-winning author of China Mountain Zhang

“Seamlessly blends Cajun werewolves, religious cults, and Seattle prep schools … I couldn’t put it down.”

Tina Connolly, award-winning author of Ironskin

“A deeply psychological coming-of-age story which will change how you look at teenagers and werewolves. Damn. Fine. Book.”

J. A. Pitts, award-winning author of Forged in Fire

“McGalliard picks you up by the scruff of the neck and throws you headlong into the heart of the story. A beautiful debut.”

Patrick Swenson, author of The Ultra Thin Man