Recent reviews of our novels (new and old)

Several reviews have appeared in the past few weeks (two of them in the last few days).

Firstly, Library Journal gives Our Lady of the Islands a starred review!

VERDICT A picturesque tropical setting, a mature, intelligent heroine, and a whole lot of action help make this collaboration between Page (Eel River) and the late Lake (Green) a great success. Set in a remote corner of Lake’s Copper Downs world, this will appeal to fans of Lake’s other novels, or anyone who enjoys rich fantasy adventure.
— Library Journal ★ 12/01/2014

Secondly, Being Small got a glowing 5-star review. “The language is clear and simple, elegant like all of Chaz Brenchley’s work, but the impact of the writing will stay with me and I think most readers for a very long time. I whole-heartedly recommend it.”

And last but not least, Singularity also got an ebullient, 5-star review. “You can read the blurbs at any good book site, but they can’t tell you how DeSmedt skillfully lays out the threads to his tale then meticulously weaves them into a plausible, yet incredible, plot. He does.”

You can pick up any of these right now — in time for Christmas — if you order the ebook version.

Our Lady of the Islands by Shannon Page & Jay Lake

cover: Being Small by Chaz Brenchley

Singularity by Bill DeSmedt

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