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Jak Koke, Managing Editor

Jak has seven sf and fantasy novels under his belt, including the Locus number one bestsellers Stranger Souls and Beyond the Pale. As a freelance book doctor he has also edited and/or ghostwritten over twenty-five more. Jak oversees matters editorial at Per Aspera, from reading slush through the full process of guiding each individual book to its fullest potential. He also takes the reins on much of our marketing and publicity and tracks sales with what is perhaps an unhealthy compulsivity. His tireless optimism and penchant for thinking outside of the box have resulted in the unofficial titles of “Morale Officer” and “Idea Rat”.

Karawynn Long, Book Designer

Karawynn entered the sf scene at twenty-two as the youngest writer ever to win the Writers of the Future Grand Prize. Subsequently she published short fiction and poetry in numerous anthologies and magazines, including Full Spectrum 4, Asimov's SF, and Silver Birch, Blood Moon, before turning her focus to a slightly more lucrative career as a graphic designer. In 2004 she combined both her unending passion for speculative fiction and her years of design experience to form Per Aspera with her partner Jak Koke. Karawynn currently handles everything to do with book design and production, consults on author contracts and copyediting, and collaborates on marketing and publicity. There are whispered rumors that she’s intermittently working on a novel of her own, but with all she’s got on her plate we’re not holding our breath.