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Singularity by Bill DeSmedt
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Acclaim & Awards
The level of ingenuity is immense. The characters grabbed me. Singularity is a wonderful, intricate story — wonderfully well told.
— LARRY NIVEN, Nebula and Hugo award-winning author
  • Winner: Gold Medal for Science Fiction (Foreword Magazine, 2005)
  • Winner: Best Fantasy / Science Fiction Novel (Ippy prize, 2004)
  • Finalist: Best New Voice (Ben Franklin, PMA, 2005)
Singularity is a swift, gripping novel with a goose-pimple mix of scary science and near-future action. An excellent debut from Bill DeSmedt — and I’ll be looking forward to his next one!
— GREG BEAR, New York Times bestselling author

“One of the best debuts of the year!”
— Barnes & Noble’s Explorations

“DeSmedt veers an action-packed thriller into perilous realms of black hole physics. The combination of adrenaline and intellect sizzles.”
— DAVID BRIN, New York Times bestselling author


June 30th, 1908 — In the remote Tunguska region of Siberia, the most violent cosmic collision in recorded history flattened ancient forests over an area half the size of Rhode Island. Yet after a hundred years of international scientific research the cause of this impact remains a mystery.


Jack Adler thinks he’s fingered the culprit: a submicroscopic black hole, smaller than an atom, heavier than a mountain, older than the stars. What’s more, that fantastic object is still down there, deep inside the Earth, burrowing through the mantle in an ever-decaying orbit that will end only when it has devoured the entire planet.


Marianna Bonaventure is tracking three missing scientists suspected of involvement in weapons of mass destruction research. The trail leads to Rusalka, the luxurious floating corporate headquarters of billionaire Russian industrialist Arkady Grishin. Determined to prove herself, Marianna creates an elaborate ruse in order to infiltrate the megayacht — a dangerous gambit that requires the coerced cooperation of a rather special civilian ...


Jonathan Knox is one of the country’s most sought-after analysts; his knack for intuiting hidden relationships among seemingly disparate events serves his Fortune-50 clients well. But when Marianna compels the reluctant Knox to join her undercover mission, he must grapple with puzzles of a whole different order of magnitude.

Against violent and cunning opposition, the three of them unearth a scheme to capture the submicroscopic black hole that caused the Tunguska Event and use its awesome power to transform the world — or end it altogether.

Bill DeSmedt’s debut is a tour-de-force of breakneck plotting, complex characters, and cutting-edge science. In the tradition of Michael Crichton and Greg Bear, Singularity weaves a richly detailed and intelligent tale, meticulously researched and elegantly told.